What Nobody Tells You About In Vitro Fertilization IVF Treatment)

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In Vitro fertilization is a medical procedure that helps infertile women to conceive. As it is an invasive procedure, so couples recommend it after trying other treatments at first. The procedure involves five stages of stimulation, egg retrieval, insemination, embryo culture, and transfer. Many best IVF clinics in Turkey offer IVF treatment and have high success rates. Although the results of the process seem like a dream come true, there are a few aspects nobody tells you about! So, in this article, we will read about those aspects in detail. So, let’s get started. 

What exactly is IVF?

In vitro fertilization is a way to bring male sperm and women eggs together, create an embryo, and then move it to the women’s uterus, so she can conceive. IVF has many processes, and thus it takes a long time to complete. The major steps involved in the IVF includes

  • Stimulation of Ovaries
  • Blood samples and ultrasound to monitor eggs development
  • Sperm and healthy cells collected from the couple
  • Both eggs and sperm are mixed in the lab to grow an embryo
  • Then the embryo is placed in the uterus
  • After a couple of embryo transfers in the uterus, there will be a Pregnancy test 

Things you should know about IVF.

Although IVF is one of the effective procedures for conceiving, there are many things you may not be aware of. Let’s talk about such things that nobody tells you about In Vitro Fertilization. 

No Guarantee

Many couples often think that IVF treatment means 100% chances of conceiving. But it is not the case. IVF does not give you a 100% pregnancy chance. It all depends on a woman’s age, eggs, and other factors. In fact, only 37% of assisted reproduction cycles for women under 35 can give birth successfully. The success rate chances, however, decrease with age. Besides this, the success rate also depends on the clinic and hospital you choose. Make sure to inquire about live birth rates instead of pregnancy rates. 

It Takes Time

IVF is a lengthy process. Usually, a woman’s cycle is 28 days long, and the IVF cycle is more than that. Once a family decides to go with IVF, the woman should consult the doctor on the first day of her menstrual cycle. On the second or third day, the woman should visit a clinic for blood tests following an ultrasound. When the process begins, a woman is asked to take a birth control prescription for around a couple of weeks. 

After 10-12 days, the woman has to take a hormonal stimulant that helps her body produce more healthy eggs. Then those eggs are retrieved and fertilized. The embryos grow for almost a week in the lab. Afterward, they are sent for genetic testing that takes another week. Women have to wait until next month for the implantation of the embryo in their uterus, which may lead to pregnancy. 

You need to be Emotionally Strong.

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Dealing with infertility and undergoing IVF is a stressful phase of life. So, it is obvious that regular hospital visits, the thought of whether you will be able to conceive, and hormonal changes bring a lot of anxiety and depression. Although a woman may experience new mental issues, pre-existing mental health issues may also become severe or worsen during the treatment. Therefore, it is vital to have someone by your side who can support you emotionally during this stressful time. 

It is a normal treatment.

Although IVF can be a life-changer, it is more common. Nowadays, more couples who have trouble getting pregnant prefer this treatment, breaking its stigma. 

You may Need it After Naturally Conceiving a Child.

You are wrong if you think you won’t be infertile after a child! Infertility is when a female can’t have a child naturally due to declining health and age. Although for many couples opting for IVF treatment after conceiving their first child naturally is stressful and confusing. Still, there are cases when couples have problems in their second pregnancy and thus opt for IVF. 

IVF is affordable

Many people often have a misconception that IVF treatment costs them a fortune. No, it won’t! IVF in Turkey is the most affordable. It generally runs from $10,000 and $20,000, which includes the type of hospital, treatment type, stays, and much more. Plus, you don’t have to worry about quality treatment. With many best IVF clinics in Turkey, it is one of the best destinations for IVF treatment visit by people from different parts of the world. 
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