Switching To Reusable Cotton Produce Bags Is Beneficial For The Environment. How?

Plastic pollution has become a part of our everyday vocabulary as we’re confronted with the long-lasting impact of our addiction to using plastics. The human longing for convenience has come at the cost of our planet and the animals and plants we share it with. The average family brings home around 1,500 plastic bags every year when these could simply be substituted with a few reusable mesh produce bags. Changing our habits of shopping can actually make a difference.

It’s a well-known fact that oceans as well as marine life are paying the cost for our addiction to plastic with around 80 percent of plastic pollution getting into the oceans from land. Fish eat this plastic and then, move it up the food chain, to the place where we’re having this toxic waste without figuring it out.

Photos of whales brimming with plastic and other sea animals washing up dead on the seashores are multiplying the internet with good reasons. 100,000 marine creatures are killed by harmful plastic bags each year, affecting more than 267 species. On land, wild animals and other birds often confuse destroyed plastic packs as a source of food. The animals are not able to process the plastic as a result they consume toxins, eventually causing death.

The most surprising statistic is that the average lifespan of a plastic bag is just 12 minutes. Most plastic bags are found in landfill sites where they take over 500 years to destroy. That being said they leave behind microplastics, which keep on contaminating the land long after the bag is gone.

These single-use plastic bags are liable for causing immense environmental damage. Straight from step one, plastic bags comprise fossil fuels as an aspect of the production process. Estimates say that Americans utilize 100 billion plastic bags every year. To produce such bags takes 12 million barrels of oil, a limited resource that contaminates our planet in various ways. In Australia, this extends to 10 million plastic bags per day. It’s dangerous and can leave large numbers of us feeling powerless to help, yet rolling out a simple change, such as picking reusable cotton produce bags rather than storing offered plastic has a quite bigger impact on plastic reduction than you might suspect.

Most would agree that our comprehension of the devastating impact of plastic bags was earlier limited because of an absence of education, however, we don’t actually take cover behind this as a species. Retail giants and several other corporations keep on pleading ignorance. A lot of them still utilize plastic bags for essentially every one of the item’s consumers purchase. However, there are several ways to get rid of them as well as take responsibility for our own shopping habits and describe the legacy we need to leave for our children.

How do reusable mesh produce bags make a difference?

The first hint is in the title, they’re reusable! They’re also washable, durable, and breathable and the life expectancy of only one of these bags is identical to 700 single-use plastic bags. That is about 8400 minutes of utilization, rather than only 12. Cotton vegetable mesh bags are made utilizing biodegradable natural fibers so the effect on the environment is essentially decreased and they don’t cause anywhere near similar issues for ocean-dwelling marine life. The development of cotton bags utilizes less energy, water, and oil and has a lesser impact on air pollution.

Cotton produce bags are ideally suited for bringing groceries home from the store, however, also for storing vegetables and fruit when you bring them home. Cotton bags are quite breathable as well as can be dampened to keep veg fresh, so produce is probably going to last longer than when it’s covered in unbreathable plastic.

Cotton produce bags aren’t simply reusable but they’re likewise multipurpose. You can utilize them to store an assortment of things such as medicine, cosmetics, jewelry and surprisingly children’s toys or practical tools.

Just by simplifying this change, you’re now on the way to making a difference as well as making more environmentally-friendly contributions to our planet. They have the additional benefit of adding a dash of style to any home or kitchen environment. In the winter, they’re ideal for storing firewood and even seem superb in a basket by the fireplace.

In Conclusion

Instant switch to reusable cotton produce bags. Why not make the change now and begin making a huge difference to the environment we breathe in.

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