Prevention methods after Bone Marrow Transplantation

The moment you undergo Bone marrow transplantation, the immune system of your body is affected. Being more prone to infection it is important to maintain proper hygiene. Bone marrow transplant leaves your body cells weak and it takes time for your body to recover from the condition.


Once you undergo bone marrow transplant, some of the main causes of infections may include:-

  • Infections on account of virus, herpes, fungi and bacteria during the 1st month cycle.
  • Other fungi, bacteria and virus infection including risk of developing cytomegalovirus condition during 2nd month cycle.
  • Fungal and viral infection on account of varicella zoster virus during the 3rd month cycle.
  • The symptoms are commonly seen in patients undergoing allogeneic transplant especially those undergoing GvHD (Graft versus Host Disease).

Methods for detection of infection

One of the most effective ways to detect infection is to regularly check with body temperature at least two times in a day. This is very important for patients suffering from autologous conditions during initial month to help prevent the risk of developing infection.

Patients suffering from allogeneic condition can get benefit from immunosuppressive type of medications.

Avoid infections

  • Maintain hygiene – This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. It is advisable to regularly have bath. Making  use of good quality soap and water is always advisable for patients. This will help in prevent infection from developing on the skin.
  • Oral cleaning – It is also important to maintain oral cleaning on daily basis. It is advisable to make use of tooth brush that has soft bristles. Fluoride toothpaste is advisable by most experts. When checking for Bone marrow transplant cost in India you can also check with methods for maintaining hygiene after transplant.
  • Avoid direct contact with others – For patients it is advisable to avoid direct contact with others who are already infected from other conditions for at least six months. Once the body immunity is retailed you can recover very quickly. Always ensure that you make use of anti bacterial soap for washing your hands. Try and make use of luke warm, water for cleaning hands.
  • In case you are travelling outdoors then you can also make use of hand wash that is medicated.

Preventing infections transmitted from others

For patients it is advisable to try and avoid a number of activities including gardening, farming, raking, etc. There are chances that you could catch infection through these activities.

Even if this is the case still you can comfortably go outdoors. You can enjoy other types of activities like walking, biking, and light sports .This will help in maintaining good health condition after transplant.

Avoid respiratory infections

It is ideal to avoid contact with people suffering from respiratory problems. So the moment you are around others or at school you need to take care. It is better to stop visiting places that are crowded by people. There are more chances that you may catch infection easily.

Avoid visiting places that are under going construction works like sites. Use of smoking products should be avoided completely.

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