Taking proper care at the time of Leukemia

Taking proper care at the time of Leukemia

If you need to take care of the loved one who has been suffering from Leukemia condition you may have to take extra precautions. It is important tat you try and collect more set of information related to this condition.

It can be a difficult task for anyone to take care of a person who has been suffering from life threatening condition like leukemia.

Ensure you love your dear one

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that you need to ensure that you love the one who is suffering from this condition. It is advisable to try and collect more information related to what ever he or she is undergoing through.  You have to keep updated with the method that should be followed to help cure this condition. Be aware of all treatment methods and plans that has to be followed. Always ensure that you are there for them when they need you most.

Getting familiar with risk of infection development

In general most patients suffering from cancer do have to under go chemotherapy. After this there are chances that they can easily be exposed to any type of infections. Chemotherapy is one therapy that will directly affect the immunity of the body by attacking WBC. The reason is that the WBC in the bone marrow of the patient are not much active so they won’t prove helpful in fighting infections.

In some cases the moment patient undergoes treatment you need to collect more details from the doctor about infection development. You can also try and collect more details related to cost of leukemia treatment in India and other related issues online. Most commonly patients develop fever, abdominal pain and sore throat very often.

Always ensure that your hands are clean and washed. You can also encourage the patient suffering from this condition to maintain hygiene very often.

Proper monitoring

In case the patient is under going chemotherapy then he or she may be having picc line. During this time it is advisable to try and change the dressing of the covering very often. It is ideal to prevent it from getting wet as it may develop infection. You also need to keep a close monitoring of the signs of infection and redness nearby to the area. Even mild fever condition should be addressed immediately.

Avoid side effects

Try  and make use of best methods to help overcome chemotherapy side effects for the patients. One of the most common side effects is the appetite loss. You need to encourage the patient to eat more food and very often. Try and encourage patient to drink more water as he or she can develop dehydration problems.

Try and treat dehydration problem the moment you notice it developing in the initial stage.

Be caring

Patients may vary in nature it is advisable to try and make them feel more flexible. You have to request all family members to be adjustable to their conditions. If the patient is aged then you may have to take more care.

It is also better to try and motivate the patient very often so he can recover fast.

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