An overview of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer happens to be the second most cancer type in men. By the year 2030, the number of cases is expected to touch  17 million. The lowest rates are in Asia though various regions of Europe outnumber in terms of numbers. With the help of this test many types of prostate cancers are being detected, that otherwise would have been difficult to find. It is considered to be a form of cancer in the prostate gland. It is common in men who are above the age of 50 years. In most cases no form of signs or symptoms are detected and for this reason there is no form of therapy. It could lead to death if the causes tend to be unrelated.

The prostate cancer is a type of cancer associated with the prostate gland which is found in the reproductive system of males. It is in the form of a milky fluid where close to 75 % of volume related to the semen is found. Most times the cancer is slow but there are aggressive types of prostate cancers at the same time. In fact the cancer cells could spread from the prostate to the other parts of the body as well along with the lymph nodes and the bones. Though this type of cancer is not going to have any symptoms at an initial level, but with the passage of time it may start to develop as well.

The symptoms associated with prostate cancer

The main causes of the type of prostate cancer

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