Why Pizza Is Not Good For Your Children

From the young to the old, people of all age groups crave for pizza. So what makes this one of the most desired food in the world? Is it the steamy cheese or the crusty base? Whatever the reason may be, pizza is not something that should be on your to-eat list. Especially children should be prevented from having pizza as it does more damage than good. Health experts warn that consuming pizza at regular intervals will cause serious health issues to both children and adults.

Even though pizzas come with a variety of toppings, they are still not good for health. Some of the common toppings used in pizza include mushrooms, onions, black olives, corns, etc. The first food that tops the list of every birthday party or a get-together is pizza. The popularity of this fast-food has taken the world by a storm. Nowadays, one can find pizza at regular shops and online stores. Most of the pizzas are made with artificial ingredients that can pave way for illnesses. Here are some reasons why pizza is not good for your children.

The Cons of Having Pizza

  • ●       Lot of calories

Research shows that one slice of pizza adds up to about 310 calories and it is not something to ignore. Children who consume pizza at regular intervals become obese over a period of time. Further, it may lead to heart problems, given the high calorie content. On an average, people have about two slices per day, which makes the calorie content boost up to an unimaginable level.

  • Risk of Heart Diseases

A majority of the people crave for pizza as it is loaded with some amazing ingredients. Foodies in particular can’t have enough of pizza and keep coming back for more. The spicy ingredients kindle the taste buds and make a person consume more slices even though he/she may be full. The fat content in pizza clogs the arteries and increases the chances of heart diseases, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. When blood pressure increases, it will lead to other related problems that range from kidney failure to eye blood vessel damage.

  • Acidity:

Children who consume pizza all the time suffer from gastrointestinal problems that include acidity, indigestion, stomach ulcer and other related health issues. Pizza has very less fiber content that causes problem with proper digestion. Children suffer from constipation, intestinal disorder and other related problems. In certain cases, mouth ulcers also form due to acidity.

  • Diabetes:

One of the major health hazards that come as a part of eating pizza is diabetes. Kids who crave for pizza should be made aware of the fact that they may fall victim to diabetes. Colas and other related carbonated drinks contain sugar in huge amounts that cause severe health issues. This will lead to imbalance in insulin secretion thereby leading to diabetes.

  • Inactive brain:

Studies show that children who consume pizza for a long period of time tend to be less active than those who do not consume pizza. Being a junk food, pizza lacks the essential nutrients that are mandatory for the proper functioning of the brain. This will lead to poor memory power, low retention skills, and lack of concentration.

  • Kidney Problem:

The ingredients in pizza contain high levels of sodium which affects the kidneys, the condition called as Edema-water retention. A dysfunctional kidney will lead to further complications that may prevent the child from being active.

  • Fatigue:

Just a slice of pizza is all that it takes to make you feel full. The fat and protein from the cheese used in the pizza subsides hunger. Due to the high fat content, the stomach acids have to work hard to digest the food that makes the person feel full. The brain becomes inactive and the person feels drained out.

Healthy ways to make Pizza at home

Instead of buying pizza from stores, one can make healthy pizza at home that won’t cause much harm. Instead of using regular flour, you can opt for multi-grain flour that is packed with all the essential nutrients. As an alternative to artificial tomato sauce, one can make fresh tomato paste at home and use it while making pizza. Parents can also use sprouts, legumes, and other types of vegetables as an alternative to frozen meat available in the market. By preparing fresh pizza in a healthy way, you can safeguard your children from all types of dangerous illnesses.

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