How to make an effective meal plan for your family?

meal plans in Dubai

Are you new to the process of making meal plans in Dubai for your family? In that case, you must never bite off more than you can chew. Start by planning a couple of meals a week and soon increase your load to three. After that, you can take this up to four. Once you get an idea of things and can find a system that works the best for you it would become easier for you to progress to a level that you think is the most appropriate one for your family. Initially, it is always better to plan for a week ahead.

Mapping out the menu 

This is also a critical part of the process of creating family meal plans in Dubai. You may think that this is a basic step but when you put pen to paper you make all the difference when it comes to implementing such a plan. It does not matter where you do this – on the notes section of your smartphone, a pad of paper, or a blank notebook. You may also have a meal planning pad that you have designed specifically for such a purpose. When you write down your menu it helps you remember things. 

Making a grocery list 

Once you have created meal plans in Dubai and written them down the next step to take would be to get the right grocery list for the same. A lot of people write down these lists on their phones and organize them in their heads depending on the layouts of the supermarkets that they frequent the most. This helps you save time at the supermarket and also ensures that you never forget any item from a particular section. When you have a list, it also helps you avoid those impulse buys that are done either because the products are on sale or look good.

Preparing the meal 

Making meal plans in Dubai and preparing them is not the same thing. This is why you need to devote time separately to both of them. Once you have determined the menu sit down with the recipes and make a preparation list for each of them. Write down what you need to do with every ingredient and how far you can progress this way. For example, if the chicken you are making the day after is frozen you would want to keep it in the fridge tomorrow morning so that it defrosts.

Taking stock of ingredients 

There are so many ways in which you can go about making meal plans in Dubai but one of the best ways surely is to take cognizance of the food and ingredients that are already there in your home. This means checking your refrigerator, pantry, and freezer. If you want to avoid wasting food this is surely the best way to go about it. It also ensures that you use what you already have before you buy anything new. On top of this, pantry meals are always going to be some of the best meals that you ever have. 

Cooking in bulk 

When you think ahead and make meal plans in Dubai in advance it helps you make some additional recipes in the end. You would always have leftovers that can be used another night or put to freeze where you utilize them from when you have a busy week. There are several kinds of recipes that you can put in the freezer and use two or three times a week such as homemade tomato sauce, meatballs, stews and soups, and burgers. They may need some extra time to make but they more than make up for it when you can use them several times a week.


There are several other steps that you can try when it comes to making meal plans in Dubai. This includes cooking one meal for all. This means that there is nothing separate for the child and the adults, or even one meal for each child for that matter. Try taking a night or two off at times. Everyone needs a break from cooking every day and you are no exception. Involve your kids at times in these events. Finally, have theme nights on occasion.       

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