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Are you giving a piece of mind to everybody around you for the minimum or almost no apparent reason? Are you suffering from a very unpleasant feeling of irritability and anxiety, and physical weakness even Everything seems to be perfectly in their places Is rehab cape town . Is there anything wrong with your mind? Is everything right with your otherwise ‘fit’ body?  Well, your sudden, unexplained hyper reactions might signal at the deficiency of magnesium in your body. This is a mineral, which is involved in more than 300 enzymatic actions. It works to energize your mind and body, as well. Let’s see what it can do for you.

Improving Cognition And Brain Health

Brain fog is something that all of us suffer from, sooner or later in life. However, if you suffer from it off and on, then you might have a severe magnesium deficiency. The best magnesium supplement would promote the various complex activities of the brain. Thus, it improves your overall cognitive health. If unceasing stress has become a part of your life, then you might begin to lose the magnesium content in your body. Consider a supplement to keep the perfect balance of minerals in your body.

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Memory Development

Suffering from the age-related loss of memory is distressing for sure. However, recent studies have shown poor memory often stems from the low level of magnesium in the brain. To put it more clearly, you should know that the hippocampus area of our brain is responsible to ‘store’ the long-term memories. Magnesium can fortify the synapses in this region. As a result, you can avoid suffering from poor memory. What is more, even the prefrontal cortex region of the brain relies on magnesium for its well being. This area works to retain short-term memories. Thus, it helps in better decision making and generates the right reactions to almost any situation.

Improving Learning Proficiency

The findings of a recent study revealed some interesting facts. Researchers conducted their experiments on mice and old rats. After offering supplements of Magnesium Threonate (MgT) for a few weeks, the researchers found that they have developed their skill to swim. Not only that, they have surprisingly been able to find out a submerged, almost hidden platform, which was made for them to rest. The researchers concluded MgT might work well to enhance the learning ability. Interestingly, the helps in crossing the blood and brain barrier. This helps in developing cognition. Again, a 2010 study reveals that the supplements of MgT can lead to almost 18% improvement in both long and short time memory. Again, a 2011 study has proved that this supplement can cater to anxiety disorders, as well.

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Regulating Stress And Mood

Magnesium helps in regulating stress and mood. It also nourishes your nervous system and prevents any damage. It also helps in fighting depression and dementia. Certain case studies have also shown that treatment for magnesium deficiency has successfully helped in fighting postpartum depression, confusion, irritability, anxiety, and alcohol and system abuse. Last, but not the least, the American Headache Society and the American Academy of Neurology have also found it to be quite effective to manage a stress-related migraine.

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