Transform Your Fitness Routine With The Best Gym Equipment

Creating a fitness routine is not the only responsibility to stay healthy. You need gym equipment to engage yourself in regular workouts. As you do not have time to go to a gym club, you can invest in home gym equipment from Powermax. Powermax gym equipment is known for its high durability and reliable design. This trusted brand manufactures everything, ranging from kettlebells to cardio machines.

Find the list of Powermax gym equipment that you can incorporate into your fitness routine.


Treadmills are highly important for those trying to reduce stress and increase energy. Powermax has designed different treadmills, including the folding, non-folding, and commercial versions.

Powermax UrbanTrek treadmills are lightweight machines with a speed of around 12km/hour. Made of modern technology, these treadmills are available at a reasonable price. Media holder, heart rate monitoring, safety key, and comfortable running track are other features of treadmills.

There are also 4-in-1 multifunctional manual treadmills and motorized models. You can easily purchase a Powermax Fitness treadmill on Bajaj EMI card.

Powermax dumbbells

The weight of Powermax dumbbells ranges from 15 to 50Kg. The weight is adjustable to fit your needs. The high-quality hammer tone finish has added value to the set of dumbbells.

Bodybuilders who always need to maintain their fitness schedules cannot avoid using dumbbells. Strong bars with resilient plates have a glossy look.

Jumping ropes

Jumping ropes are one of the important items to involve yourself in a training regimen. Your cardio workout will reach a different level with jumping ropes. Powermax has designed durable and adjustable jumping ropes with PVC coatings. Using a jumping rope, you can target speed, agility, balance, concentration, and coordination.

This pocket-friendly gym equipment also develops your shoulder strength. As the aluminum ropes have a resilient construction, there will be no concern about breaking, cracking, and snapping problems. The rope size is about 3m, and the anti-slip handle is one of the ergonomic features.

Fitness cycle

Cycling is a way to ensure cardiovascular fitness, more muscle strength, reduced stress, and better joint mobility. Powermax fitness cycles have a folding model with an ergonomic design.

The pedals have a locking mechanism to secure your feet and prevent slipping issues. The digital meter display clearly shows the calories burned, speed, time, and distance. The handlebars are

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easy to move. Moreover, the tension knob enables you to adjust strength. The seat with a backrest is also comfortable, and you can adjust the height.


With a weight of around 8.8lbs, Powermax kettlebells are useful for developing speed and power. You can incorporate different kettlebell exercises into your routine. You will develop strength in your wrists, upper body, and hands. Your athletic performance will be better. The latex-free kettlebells, made of cast iron, will be useful during your resistance training session.

Stair Climber

Regular use of a stair climber will let you lose weight and increase your muscle strength. Stair climbing activities also promote blood circulation to keep your heart healthier. Powermax has designed a technologically advanced stair mill climber. Using this machine, you can cover 120 steps per minute.

The computer control system regulates the pace of climbing the stairs. The machine is integrated with an electromagnetic braking system. This Powermax gym equipment is unique due to the built-in sensor. So, you can start your cardio-respiratory workout using this stair climber.

These fitness machines are the most commonly chosen options for your home gym. You can also buy a multi-gym package from Powermax. Choose between the weight stack and non-weight stack of this multi-gym pack. Powermax has refined the cable systems and pulleys to reduce

noise issues and ensure smoothness.

Some machines are designed for users of different heights ranging from 5 to 8 feet. Moreover, as the seats are adjustable, you can use them comfortably. You can check the upholstery pads, frames, bearings, and solidity. Buy additional accessories to get a better result from your everyday effort.

Invest in the best gym equipment for your fitness schedule. However, to make an affordable deal, you can visit Bajaj EMI Store. You can use your Bajaj EMI card and pay for the product easily.

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