On Choosing The Best Brightening Serum For Your Skin

A quality serum can double up as a lightweight avatar of your usual skin moisturizer. It can delve deep into your skin, thus allowing the active ingredients get into the skin better than ever before. With regular use, your skin gets firmer, smoother and more hydrated. Your skin pores appear smaller than before, as well. And if your skin starts exhibiting the signs of early aging with age spots, sun spots, and uneven skin tone, a quality brightening serum is the way to go. And there are very few companies that offer absolutely organic products, as well.

Finding The Perfect Product

There are a number of products in the market that claims to be ‘organic’. However, the skin brightening serum is the one which has more than 72% of all-natural ingredients. It has to be super light in nature. This will help it to penetrate deep into your skin effortlessly, giving you a light, comfortable feel. A serum differs from a normal moisturizer in the fact that that the former can reach the dermal layer easily. It is the layer that lies in the epidermis region. And this is right where the actual process of revitalizing and healing of the skin starts. You can get some excellent serum solutions online, provided you shop around a little before zeroing in on to any one product.

Using Them For Perfect Results

Before you use just about any type of serum, it is essential that you keep your skin dry and clean. Go for a basic cleansing and mild scrubbing procedure before you begin.. You can even use a toner before applying a serum, only if you wish to do so. You will need just a few drops of serum, provided you get a quality product. Use can use it alone or under the makeup. However, it is ideal that you follow up with a moisturizer. Massage it gently throughout your face and neck. You can use a quality serum on daily basis, in the morning and in the evening.

The Must-Have Ingredients

To check whether a skin brightening serum is worth a try, you would ideally check the ingredients. A perfect organic herbal serum would ideally contain extracts of Aloe Vera. The leaves of aloe contain about 96-97% of water. This helps to keep the skin hydrated. Also, aloe contains a compound called ‘lingin’, which has mild properties of bleaching. It helps to whiten your skin. You can also see certain products containing extracts of Hamamelis Virginiana, which is nothing but extracts of Witch Hazel. It is rich in natural astringent called tannin. It helps in controlling the excess oil from your skin naturally. A number of premium products come with Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). It is a compound that helps in controlling hyperpigmentation, age spots, patches, scars and even burns marks.

To combat hyperpigmentation, melasma, patches, lighten skin moles, lighten acne scars and scars from burns too. It would even contain active ingredients like Glycolic acid, which helps in miniaturization and Kojic acid, which works as an antioxidant to the skin. Some other active ingredients include jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Chinese Ginseng.

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