Food mistakes that parents commonly make

Granted it is hard to feed children, however, if the job is not done right, the implications are rather grave.

Food is important for the growth and development of children. What you feed them in childhood also determines, to some extent, their eating habits as adults.

Hence, it is vital that children be given the correct and healthy diet. If they are not given the correct nutrients, they might suffer from deficiencies that manifest in the form of diseases and aches and pains around the body, that have you rushing to the Best Child specialist in Lahore.

Unfortunately, many parents are not aware of what constitutes a healthy diet. There is a lack of sound knowledge that impedes good child nutrition. There are other ways parents make mistakes about feeding their children. These include:

Feeding whatever

It can be a challenge to feed your child. They may be picky eaters who’d rather starve themselves rather than eat something they don’t approve of. In such instances, parents are just happy that their child is eating.

Foods like nuggets –mass-produced ones, not homemade –, burgers, French fries are examples of some foods that are popular amongst children, and parents are happy to feed them this.

However, such food is devoid of nutrition. Moreover, processed, and fried food also is packed with calories, which then promotes obesity amongst children.

Hence, realize that it is not just important that your child is eating, but what they eat also matters.

Pressuring to try

We have all been through situation where we are forced into something, and we don’t react well to it. Similarly, when children are forced to eat something, even a bite, they associate negative thoughts with such food.

Moreover, rewarding them later after they have tried the food is also not a good approach. For example, allowing them dessert if they eat broccoli will make them hate broccoli more.

Therefore, it is important that you stay neutral when it comes to offering your child food. Put it on the table and encourage them to try. If they like it, don’t give an exaggerated reaction.

Unexciting vegetables

Why is it that parents make sure that vegetables look as unexciting as possible, and yet take their sweet time dressing up a cake?

When vegetables look and especially taste unappealing, your child will naturally dislike them and complain about them.

Therefore, watch how you prepare and dress your vegetables. Rather than boring steamed heaping of assorted vegetables, try a nice stir fry or bake them perhaps. Add dressing and good seasoning. Make sure that your child likes the experience of eating their vegetables.

The forbidden fruit

Parents do keep a stock of all the unhealthy items like cookies and sweets, but the stash is often kept out of the reach of children. However, this does not deter children. Instead, it makes the items even more appealing. These secret stashes serve as a forbidden fruit.

The solution to this predicament is simple; do not bring such foods into your house to begin with!

No role models

Parents serve as role models to their children. You need to set the right precedent for them then. You cannot gorge on unhealthy items and expect your children to reach for kale. Similarly, you cannot complain about vegetables, and expect your children to not be influenced.

Thus, it is imperative that you watch your conduct in front of your children.


Many parents are into weight-watching, and dieting is bound to come up. However, your child may soak up on this influence and develop such an unhealthy relationship with food.

Some might stop eating adequate amounts of food, which may lead to problems with their health, meriting a visit to the Best Child specialist in Islamabad. Hence, make sure to not have such discussions in front of your children.

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