Total Joint replacement: A Breakdown of cost

Total joint replacement is an ideal treatment for patients with years of severe pain and restricted mobility in the joints. Also called arthroplasty, this surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries across the world. Total joint replacement helps patients get rid of arthritis pain, injury, or trauma and enhance mobility. The cost of total joint replacement in India costs from 1.5 lakh to 2.3 lakh. However, with the advent of the latest technologies, now the process involves cap on knee implants, which ultimately reduces the price. Besides implant costs, the knee replacement surgery cost also relies on hospital charges, surgeon fees, type of hospital, etc. In this article, we will go through the different aspects of total joint replacement surgery in India. So, let’s get started.

Why Total Joint Replacement Costs Vary

The cost of total joint replacement varies widely. It depends on several factors. The following are the factors that contribute to its overall cost. 

  • Days you spend in hospital –  It depends on if your knee replacement is bilateral, partial, or total. 
  • Type of surgical and implant approach – It includes implant material and technology. The most common types of implants include metal liners, polyethylene liners, metal balls, and ceramic balls and liners.
  • Pre Existing Conditions – You may need extra care or precautions during the surgery. 
  • Unanticipated care and equipment used during complications 
  • Time spent in the operating room.
  • The experience of the surgeon performing your total joint replacement surgery

In addition to these, variations in the use of anesthesia as well as bone cement also contribute to the overall cost. General anesthesia is a bit more costly than local anesthesia. Moreover, local anesthesia carries a lower risk of infection. On the other hand, bone cements that joint implant with the bone is available in two different forms. One is with antibodies, and another is without antibodies. The antibiotic infused is 120% more expensive, but untreated bone cement and antibiotic-infused outcomes are the same. 

Different Medical and Hospital Bills

After a total joint replacement surgery, there will be different bills, including

  • Surgeon treatments bills
  • Hospital care
  • Procedure performed by operating room staff. 
  • Cost of surgical assistants, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, and others. 
  • Medication bills

Why Total Joint Replacement Surgery is Expensive 

Although surgery doesn’t take time, it is still expensive. The cost depends on before, during, and after surgery. Before taking patients to the operating room, health care providers prepare patients for surgery. During surgery, the doctor and his team, including the operating staff and the anesthetic team, look after the patient. All these members have a specific fee for each operation. 

Following surgery, nurses observe patients in the post-acute care unit before moving to the orthopedic floor/room, where another team of clinicians is present. After surgery, the patient is cared for by nurses, nursing aides, dietitians, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, nurse practitioners, discharge planners, and the surgeon.

At each stage of the process, the doctor orders various supplies, tests, x-rays, and medications for each patient at each stage of this process. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure the surgery succeeds. In the sterile processing area, surgical tools are sterilized and cleaned. Medical records and billing compute expenses, then submit to insurance companies for reimbursement. This effort is recorded on electronic health record systems, which are similarly expensive to maintain.

Patients are often admitted to a hospital for one to three days before discharging. There are additional charges after you leave the hospital, such as physical therapy or if you require a rehabilitation stay. If a patient is in a skilled nursing facility or an inpatient rehabilitation center, the costs for the time spent in the facility alone can exceed $20,000 per day.

Cost of Total Joint Replacement in Top Countries

The cost of total joint replacement in the world varies largely. Some countries are more expensive than others. Let’s look at the cost of joint replacement in different countries.

Joint replacement cost in India

In India, the average joint replacement cost starts from around $6000. Patients from all over the world visit India to experience quality and affordable joint replacement surgery. This cost includes aftercare provided by the hospital. Besides this, it also covers follow-up costs, accommodation, and other logistics. 

Total Joint replacement in Turkey

In Turkey, total joint replacement costs depend on the implant device. A wide range of joint transplants varies based on durability and material. The average cost of total joint replacement in Turkey is less than half of what is offer in other Western countries like Canada, the US, and the UK. Moreover, the services offered, surgeon’s experience, and other facilities are comparable to the best medical tourism destination in the world. 

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